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Kristi D. Roper, Ph.D.
Chief Psychologist

Kristi d. Roper, Ph.D.Dr. Roper is a licensed Clinical Psychologist who is the CEO and Co-Founder of Mind Body Wellness, P.C. and is involved in the development and implementation of services across companies. She earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Psychology and her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from American Psychological Association accredited universities. She focused her training during her Post-Doctoral Residency on clinical psychology, pain management, biofeedback and neuropsychological evaulations.

Dr. Roper has been providing psychological services since 1991. She has worked for years to improve the quality of life for countless adults in medical settings and their families. In addition to her direct medical psychology practice, she has earned the respect of many physicians and health care providers, developing trainings for families, clinicians, and staff members of rehabilitation and long-term care facilities. She is co-author and developer of the PAR-published GRRAS instruments, lead author of the Mind Body Wellness Handbook of Geriatric Psychological Assessment and Treatment, Mind Body Wellness Handbook of Geriatric Psychological Assessment and Treatment Second Edition, and multiple peer review journals and book chapters.

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