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Thomas Reid, Psy.D.
Associate Psychologist

Dr. Thomas A. Reid, Psy.D.Dr. Thomas A. Reid is a psychologist with Mind Body Wellness, P.C., lending his years of expertise to the Geriatric Psychological and Rehabilitation Clinic Practices.

Before moving to Texas to join Drs. Roper and Clifford in Mind Body Wellness, Dr. Reid worked for twenty-three years in New Haven, CT, co-founding and later serving as Directorof Hamden Mental Health Service. Dr. Reid founded a pain management clinical practice within a large physical therapy and cardiac rehabilitation program. Here he collaborated with various nationally known figures in pain management on the preparation of treatment protocols for utilization in community based practice.

After leaving the public sector, Dr. Reid spent two years managing the Connecticut franchise of American Geriatric Health Services (AGES), delivering psychiatric and psychological services in long term care settings. Subsequently, Dr. Reid joined the premier geriatric psychiatric practice, Geriatric and Adult Psychiatry, LLC. as the Principal Psychologist.

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