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Daniel Miro, PhD, ABPP-RP
Associate Psychologist

Dr. Thomas A. Reid, Psy.D.Danielle Miro, PhD, ABPP-RP, received her doctorate in counseling psychology from the University of Memphis in 2017. She completed a postdoctoral fellowship in Neurorehabilitation Psychology at the University of Kansas Medical Center and is board-certified in Rehabilitation Psychology. She remains actively involved in various national professional organizations. She has worked in various acute hospitals and rehabilitation hospitals. She had extensive experience in performing consultative and neurocognitive evaluations to persons across the lifespan as well as interest in presurgical psychological evaluations. Dr. Miro enjoys working with individuals from a strength-based perspective using empirically supported interventions. She is interested in helping people develop healthy lifestyles and adjusting to medical illnesses including cancer, chronic illness, neurodegenerative or neurological disorders, and organ transplantation.

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