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P. Andrew Clifford, Ph.D.
Chief Psychologist

Dr. P. Andrew CliffordDr. P. Andrew Clifford is a licensed psychologist who has graduate degrees in clinical psychology, exercise physiology and theology. He has worked as a psychologist at Stanford University Medical Center, and as an assistant professor at UT Southwestern Medical School in Dallas. Dr. Clifford has been in private practice in Plano since 1997, and works with medical doctors and their patients in order to shorten their hospital stays, while reducing suffering and medications associated with chronic pain and illness. His warm and practical consultations specialize in enhancing quality of life in patients experiencing acute medical disabilities.

Dr. Clifford has authored more than a dozen professional and research articles exploring the interaction of the mind and body toward the goal of maximizing positive medical health. His practice and publications cover a board range of issues including, exercise and health, coaching patients to get the most out of rehabilitation while using relaxation training, spiritual disciplines, and individual personality skills to reduce chronic pain and enhance stress management. His techniques are scientifically validated and are cost effective.

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