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The Mind Body Wellness Geriatric Psychological Assessment and Treatment Handbook, Second Edition

The Mind Body Wellness Handbook of Geriatric Psychological Assessment and Treatment Handbook, Second Edition is an in-depth, empirically-based "how to" book for assessing and treating our medically complex aging population. In addition to this, the handbook provides case samples from initial referral, Biopsychosocial clinical assessment and evaluation, initial treatment care plan, treatment interventions, follow-up assessment, specialized care plans. Book is available online for purchase.

Psychological Assessment Resources, Inc. (PAR)

PAR is a leading publisher of assessment instruments, software, books, and other related materials.

Clinical Geropsychology Division 12, Section II

American Psychological Association: Society of Clinical Geropsychology

Psychologists in Long Term Care

A network of professionals dedicated to the highest quality of psychological services in long term care settings.

Alzheimer's Association

A resource for persons with memory loss, caregivers and health professionals.


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